Tuesday, December 25, 2012

$100 Grocery Shopping Dec. 21, 2012

In order to keep my self accountable in terms of our grocery spending I decided I am going to attempt weekly blogs where I will post what I purchased, how much I spent, and our meal plans for the week. This post is a little behind but I figured I would go ahead and post it anyways.

This weeks meal plan:

Friday 21st : Rotisserie Chicken w/ homemade fries
Saturday 22nd: Shrimp Pasta Alfredo w/ salad
Sunday 23rd: Hot dogs w/ fries
Monday 24th Dinner at Grandparents house
Tuesday 25th:  Christmas Dinner (Ham, mashed potatoes w/ gravy, rolls)
Wednesday 26th: Leftovers from Christmas dinner
Thursday 27th: Creamy Chicken Noodles and Broccoli

Our Groceries:

Aldi: $40.13
toilet Paper
hawaiin sweet rolls x2
cheese tray
snack crackers
cordon bleu chicken x2
paper towels x3
italian bread 
smoked ham
laundry detergent
choc. covered chips
deli sliced cheese

pizza sauce
cat litter
Rotisserie chicken

Giant Eagle: $38.95
Mocha bars
pizza crust mix
gravy mix
cat treats
bakery donuts x3
mashed potatoes x2
finish detergent
gf brownie mix
 cat food

Total Budgeted for the week $100
Total Spent $104.37

Over budget this week by $4.37. I did not stay on budget this week but I am happy with what I spent. I can handle only being $5 over although I will try much harder next week.