Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

To all those that celebrate Easter I hope you have a warm and wonderful day! My hubby and I are not BIG Easter goers. Sure, when we were little kids we loved Easter, what kid doesn't. You wake up in the morning and go Easter egg hunting, dye eggs (a mess of hideous color combinations), and receive an Easter basket filled with yummy candy and toys. Unfortunately, as we get older there is no more Easter egg hunts, no more dyeing eggs, and no more baskets filled with goodies. All of that goes away until you become parents and get to do all those things with your kids. 

As for right now, it is just my hubby and me, no kids yet, so many Easter traditions slide right by us. This year however, I decided I wanted to give my hand a go at dyeing Easter eggs once more. I want to see if I can create beautiful masterpieces or if they will turn out to be hideous color combinations that plagued my childhood. My guess on the outcome, hideous color combination lol. Easter is not the most exciting of holidays, but my husband and I are still young enough that we can dye eggs and have fun with it....and don't forget about the yummy food.

Chocolate coconut cupcakes
Easter Dinner Breakdown:
-Brown sugar glazed ham in the crock pot
-gluten free stuffing
(my 1st attempt to make any stuffing EVER)
-mashed potatoes w/ butter
-deviled eggs
(if I can ever get my eggs to hard boil uggh)
-side salads
-gluten free chocolate coconut cupcakes

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