Sunday, April 29, 2012

Meal Planning and Groceries April 30th-May 4th

For the month of May I decided I wanted to switch up how I grocery shop. I normally budget $200 for the month for all of our groceries and household items and often I do go over. This upcoming month I want to only spend $220 on all items. How am I going to do that...well I have planned out $50 weekly for food, and $20 monthly for household items. Yes, I may go over and that is OK. I really just want to see how close I can get to my budget. SO, each week I will plan out my meals and make a list of items I need for that week. I will be doing this over on my youtube channel as well, so be sure to check out the videos.

This weeks meal plan:
Mon: BBQ pork chops, homemade fries, & corn
Tues: Taco Night
Wed: Lasagna & Salad
Thurs: Burgers & homemade chips
Friday: Homemade pizza

I ended up going to 3 places to do my grocery shopping: Walmart, Giant Eagle, and Aldi

My total for all food items was $88.65.
That puts me $38.65 over my budget of $50 for the week, but that is alright. Many items I purchased will last longer than a week, which means next weeks grocery trip should be cheaper.

Here is a breakdown of what I bought at each store:

Beef jerky $5.98
Apple slices w/ caramel $3.68
Deli roast beef $6.98
2 Peaches $1.76
12pk Cola 2.68
Total spent: $21.61

Giant Eagle
93% lean ground beef $4.40
Bone in pork chops $5.95
Udi Gluten free bread $5.29
1lb Beef bologna $6.05
Flour tortillas $1.50
Sour cream $1.00
Apple cider vinegar $1.59
Mild cheddar cheese dip $2.99
Ragu pasta sauce $2.00
3 Blue bonnet stick butter $3.00
2 boxes Fruit snacks $5.78
Total spent $40.34

Peanut butter $2.29
5lb bag potatoes $2.49
Parmesan cheese $2.39
Semi-sweet choc. chips $1.79
Frozen corn $0.99
2 bags Shred Mozzarella $5.98
Shred Cheddar $2.99
Sliced pepperoni $1.99
Dozen eggs $1.19
Maple syrup $1.59
24pk water $2.49
Total spent $26.70

Total Spent Shopping trip #1: $88.65

May Grocery Budget: $200.00
Left to spend: $111.35

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